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Sherman Museum's Dino Days 2014

Jul 5, 2014 - Aug 30, 2014

The dinosaurs are coming BACK to Texoma, and they are going to be bigger and more awe-inspiring than before! The theme for DINO DAYS 2014 is "Rivals" and the exhibit will feature a display of animals known to have interacted with each other. This year's marquee display features "Big Al", a 25 foot long Allosaurus from the late Jurassic period, facing off with "Spike", a 20 foot long Stegosaurus. Other planned pairings include the late Cretaceous duo of Velociraptor and Protoceratops.

DINO DAYS caters to patrons of all ages but our educational focus is on children. School-age visitors can attend a hands-on, interactive, multi-media workshop that we call our Dino Academy. DINO DAYS also includes a Dino Dig - a special dig pit that will give youngsters a chance to experience what paleontologists do when they hunt for fossils.

The goals of all DINO DAYS exhibitions are to:
dino tracksEncourage local families
dino tracksEducate our audience
dino tracksIncrease local tourism
dino tracksPromote community pride, and
dino tracksIncrease the stature of the museum and our sponsors.

The Sherman Museum first brought dinosaurs to Texoma during 2012. The inaugural DINO DAYS exhibition was hugely successful and drew large, enthusiastic crowds, primarily of families with young children. By the close of the exhibit, more than 2,100 persons had visited the museum, making DINO DAYS the most popular museum exhibit in the institution's thirty-five year history. The following year's exhibition set new attendance records when more than 3,200 persons visited DINO DAYS 2013. The 2013 exhibition featured three complete skeletons, including "BUCKY" a sub-adult female Tyrannosaurus rex, measuring 33 feet long and 12 feet high.

Don't miss out on the fun when The Sherman Museum hosts the only exhibition of dinosaur fossils in Grayson County!



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