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The KLAK $1,000 “Cool Cash” Giveaway Starts Monday, March 20th!

Good Earth Soil and Materials in Sherman and Your Hometown Radio Station, 97.5 KLAK, want to give YOU some money this Spring. I mean, think about all the things you could you do with an extra $1,000 in your pocket! Maybe go on a vacation, spend a relaxing day at a spa, use that money to pay off some debt or go on a shopping spree at Good Earth Soil and Materials (hint, hint)? So many options.

That’s right! We’re bringing back our “Cool Cash” Giveaway! 97.5 KLAK is giving away $5,000 each weekday – Monday, March 20th through Friday, April 21st!

Here are the details:

Five times a day (Monday-Friday) – at 7am, 9am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm – we’ll announce the KLAK Cool Cash “Keyword”. When you hear us announce that “Keyword”, you have one hour to text it (make sure you spell it correctly) back to us at 77000*. Hopefully, you noticed that the announcement times are different than before & also that we’re giving you a FULL HOUR to text the “Keyword” back to us this time!

If you’re selected as the winner, someone from the radio station will give you a call the next day. And be sure to answer that phone call (it will definitely be a number you don’t recognize). Why? Because if you allow our phone calls to go to voicemail, we won’t leave you a message, we’ll just move on to the next person and give them the cash! Bummer, right?

We’re making this really easy…

Listen – Text – WIN CASH!

*Text & Data Rates Apply


Official KLAK “Cool Cash” Giveaway Contest Rules Can Be Found At:

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