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Cupid Family – “Calling All Angels” Christmas Toy Drive

The Cupid Family Story:

This young patient is only 6 years old and is suffering from malignant neoplasm of the brain. This single mom must feel like anything but a supermom, juggling the care of her ailing daughter and 3 other children, with no help. This little girl is only in hospice care two days a week but to a parent, even that can seem like too much, especially when every day with her child is priceless. This child, her mom, and her siblings really need a break from harsh reality. There is a chance for another treatment option but nothing is definite and Mom was previously told there was nothing that could be done for her daughter. Please help them have a Merry Christmas.

Physical Age: 6

Developmental Age: 6

Clothing Size: Shirt: Adult M, Pants: Adult S, Shoes: 3 Kids, likes the colors – purple & pink

Wish list: coloring books, baby alive, stuffed animals, hair bows, needs new clothes, socks & shoes

Siblings of child:

8 year old girl:

  • Clothing Size: Shirt: 7/8, Pants: 7/8, Shoe: 4, likes the color – pink
  • Wish list: Barbies, bike, baby dolls, scooter, trampoline, rip stick

11 year old boy:

  • Clothing Size: Shirt: M (adult), Pants: Large joggers, Shoe: 9 in men’s, likes the color – green
  • Wish list: Playstation & games, basketball, music, trampoline, sports themed stuff, Nerf guns, basketball goals, bike, rip stick

12 year old boy:

  • Clothing Size: Shirt: Medium/Small (adult), Pants: Medium joggers, Shoe: 9 in men’s, likes the color – blue
  • Wish list: XBox One games, basketball, trampoline, sports themed stuff, Nurf guns, basketball goals, bike, rip stick

Caregiver/parents holiday wish, want, or need:

  • Mom: Walmart gift cards, pots, pans, vacuum, towels, king size bedding, wash cloths, 4 sets of twin size bedding
  • Dad: Hats/clothes, shirt: Large, pants: 32/34

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