Dancer Family – “Calling All Angels” Christmas Toy Drive 2017 – ADOPTED!


The Dancer Family Story:

If anyone needs a shot in the arm of hope, it’s the Dancer family. Even an upbeat mom like this one needs relief, because even a positive person needs the encouragement of others at times. This sweet and happy boy has been in and out of the hospital for way too long. At the young age of 9, most boys his age are out playing and having a good time. Please help brighten his next hospital stay with some cool toys to keep his mind on more exciting things like trucks and race cars.

Physical Age: 9

Developmental Age: Not provided

Clothing Size: Shirt: Youth Large 14/16, Pants: 12 Slim, Shoe: 6, likes the colors – blue & green

Wish list: trampoline, rodeo, fishing gear, hot wheels, horses, race cars, trucks

Caregiver/parents holiday wish, want or needs:

  • Mom would like new shoes – Nike size 8 1/2, cleaning supplies, bath towels, twin bedding, king bedding, pots & pans