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Donner Family – “Calling All Angels” Christmas Toy Drive

The Donner Family Story:

Even with two parents working hard, having a 5 month old baby with dysphagia is a major burden. Both parents want to care for their child and mom has even cut back to barely working so she can stay home and care for her baby who struggles to breathe. This sweet little baby barely survives due to chronic respiratory failure and is only kept alive with a trach/vent and is fed through a g-button.

Undoubtedly, the daily routine with a special needs baby is completely exhausting and hopelessness looms over this little family. Now Dad is out of work and big brother just wants a couple normal kid things. It won’t take much to give this family a huge shot in the arm of hope.

Physical Age: 5 Months

Developmental Age: Not provided

Clothing Size: Shirt: 6-9 months, Pants: 6-9 months, likes the colors – pink, purple (bright colors)

Wish list: interactive bear toy, bouncer, activity mat, glow worm, light up toys, auditory toys

Siblings of Child:

10 year old boy:

  • Clothes size: Shirt: Large/XL kids, Pants: 14 slim, Shoe size: 8 Men’s, likes the colors – orange & blue
  • Wish list: BeyBlade, XBox games, Pokemon cards, Hot Wheels, Jacket, books about Dragons, Nerf guns, Pokemon, bike

Caregiver/Parent holiday wish, want or need:

  • Mom: Walmart/Target gift cards, house shoes, robe (XXL), Swiffer wet jet, dish drainer/bottle rack, towels, think blankets, wash cloths, crib sheets, swaddling blankets
  • Dad: clothes, large shirts, pants (32/30), shoes (9 wide)