Gingerbread Family – “Calling All Angels” Christmas Toy Drive – ADOPTED!


The Gingerbread Family Story:

This strong little 2 year old princess has spent most of her short life in the hospital due to being born with multiple heart defects, Tetralogy of Fallot, and Di George’s syndrome. Her mom found out when she was five months pregnant that she was going to have a baby with heart problems and she chose to give her the best life she could.

She spent her entire first year in the hospital and is fighting strong and hard to have a life with her mom and grandparents. Presently, she requires 24 hour a day nursing care and the family is majorly struggling financially, as a result. I’m sure her big brother is always watching out for her. If someone could find it in their heart to be his guardian angel, that would be awesome.

Physical Age: 2

Developmental Age: 2

Clothing Size: Shirt: 3/4 T, Pants: 18 months, Shoe: 4

Wish list: Anything Dora the Explorer, all kinds of toys

Siblings of Child:

7 year old brother:

  • Shirt Size: 8/10 boys, Pant Size: 8, Shoe: 3

Wish list: Xbox One with motorcycle & football games

10 year old brother:

  • Shirt Size: 10/12 boys, Pant Size: 12, Shoe: 4

Wish list: Xbox One with any games

Caregiver/parent holiday wish, want or need:

  • Bedding for crib (Dora themed, if possible), Twin bedding (any color), Queen bedding (any color), lotions, body wash, gas cards, gift cards for groceries.