Jingle Family – “Calling All Angels” Christmas Toy Drive

The Jingle Family Story:

This sweet little boy has had a huge load to carry and remains a bright light to his nurses and family, in spite of not being able to walk or talk. He has Down Syndrome, requires feeding through a special G-tube, and the entire family has been impacted by this grave challenge. This toddler’s Daddy works super hard and now is helping care for Mom, too, who is going through her own health issues and has been in and out of the hospital. We know these parents just to care for all of their four children and a little help could go a long way.

This little boy, amidst struggles has been able to crawl and play on the floor, however, and we are sure he’d enjoy a few bright and musical toys. The siblings, two brothers and one sister, have modest to greater needs, but their wish lists are reasonable. If you can’t buy what they want, perhaps you can donate some money that will help us get them what they need and maybe even a few wants.

Physical Age: 3

Developmental Age: 12 months

Clothing Size: Shirts: 3T (long sleeve), Pants: 3T, Shoes: 8 or 9, likes the colors – blue, green, boy colors

Wish list: toys with lights/music for stimulation, Disney movies & musicals

Siblings of child:

16 year old girl:

  • Clothes Size: Shirt: small, Pants: 3 in women, Shoe: 7, likes the color – pink
  • Wish list: make-up, gift cards for shopping (Walmart/Target), laptop/tablet/computer for school/homework

12 year old boy:

  • Clothes Size: Shirt: Medium (boys), Pants: Large (jogging pants), Shoe: 9 kids
  • Wish list: laptop/tablet/computer for school/homework, bicycle, Legos

7 year old boy:

  • Clothes Size: Shirt: 7 boys, Pants: 7 boys, Shoe: 12 (kids)
  • Wish list: toy puppy that barks, dolls that are interactive, would love Xbox, WII, Playstation & games, Legos, bicycle

Caregiver/parent holiday wish, want or need:

  • 4 drawer cabinet for son’s clothes, rocking chair, stove (oven quit working), Chad’s board game
  • Mom: Shirts/Sweaters: medium, Pants: 5, Shoe: 7
  • Dad: Shirts/Jacket: large, Pants: 36/32, Shoe: 9-10

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