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Carrie Benjamin

Four score and 7 years ago, uh, er, well, I wasn’t born yet.  But, I’ve always wanted to start a sentence with that phrase. 

My bio is pretty typical of any radio dj.  I was a shy kid who wanted to talk but didn’t want anyone to see me.  I absolutely LOVED music but couldn’t sing or play an instrument.  I was full of useless facts, like the name of Jan Brady’s imaginary boyfriend (George Glass), but I couldn’t remember algebra formulas.

I used to call the local radio station in town and request every single song from the Grease Movie Soundtrack. (even the Sha Na Na stuff)   They probably still have my parents phone number blocked. 

I was a sophomore in college when I realized that I could get a job talking about my favorite music, (and nobody could see me), share my useless facts about the Brady Bunch and get paid!  It was a glorious day.

When I’m not at work I’m usually sleeping. Seriously. I’m a Sleep Expert.  I watch way too much TV and pay for more cable channels than I really need.  I treat my Boston Terrier, Lola, like the queen she is.  And I say “I should really work out today” just about every day. (It rarely happens)

I’m addicted to my iphone and have at least 13 games of Words With Friends going on right now.  Which reminds me, I have a very close game going on right now with WordNinja57 and I have to go..

Email Carrie:  carrie@975klak.com


Maria Miller


Hello everybody! I hope you made it to your destination on time in the middle of all the construction projects in Collin and Grayson Counties.

Other than giving you up to the minute traffic reports on 97.5 KLAK,  you can also follow my traffic tweets @975klaktraffic.

I love all the music on 97.5 KLAK! My favorite artists right now: Adele, Neon Trees, Maroon 5, well just Adam Levine really.  Funn., Graffiti 6 and Coldplay and I still love hearing U2 and the Pet Shop Boys!!!

I am married to the one person who can put up with my shopping addiction, my hubby Todd.

I really did win a car after entering a  television music trivia contest eons ago. My brain is full of useless music information but at least it did pay off for me once.

In my spare time I enjoy creating designs for my jewelry line, Syd Justice Designs. Check it out at www.sydjusticedesigns.com

 Peace and remember to sloooow down in construction zones.


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