Peppermint Family – “Calling All Angels” Christmas Toy Drive

The Peppermint Family Story:

The Peppermint family is a sweet little family with four beautiful princesses. Life has not been a fairy tale though and this sweet little 5 year old girl struggles from Cerebral Palsy and her Mom and two big sisters are all pitching in to make life better. Mom is a single, working mom who drives an hour each way to work, barely makes ends meet, but goes over and above to even try to make all sporting events and activities for each of her three daughters. Of course, being there for her youngest entails a lot of extra labor and heartache.

The littlest angel had hip surgery this year just so she can support her own weight, she is constantly in therapy so she can learn ADL’s, including how to feed herself, but she still needs a G-tube for feedings. Needless to say, this family is under tremendous financial strain, not to mention the mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion that goes with having a special needs child in the family and this mom just needs an extra hand to make Christmas merry for her little girls. Please help them.

Physical age: 5

Developmental age: 3

Clothing Size: Shirt: 5/6, Pants: 5/6, likes the colors – pink/purple & bright colors

Wish list: Frozen, Moana, anything with noise (no flashing lights, please)

Siblings of child:

10 year old girl:

  • Clothing Sizes: Shirts: 16 (kids), Pants: 7 (women’s), Shoes: 9, likes the color – teal
  • Wish list: shoes & clothes, craft supplies, sewing stuff, likes to make slime

17 year old girl:

  • Clothing Sizes: Shirts: Small/Medium, Pants: 7 (women’s), Shoes: 8/12, likes the colors – blue & grey
  • Wish list: Sports things, athletic clothes

Caregiver/parents holiday wish, want or need:

  • Vacuum cleaner, Gift cards for groceries like Walmart, XL shirts/robes for the mother

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