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Prancer Family – “Calling All Angels” Christmas Toy Drive – ADOPTED!

***ADOPTED BY Dr. Sam Patel and the Pink Ladies!!***

The Prancer Family Story:

The Prancer Family will indeed spur you to count your blessings, as it isn’t raining so much as pouring in their home. Born prematurely at two pounds, eight ounces, he spent the first two months of his life in the hospital. This sweet young man has a daily fight due to Cerebral Palsy and is cared for by his disabled mom, who was in a terrible accident that totaled her van while her son was in it! She does her best to care for her son and tends to her own mom, whose been in hospice for a long time.

Now this young mad goes to school and he is learning how to do chores. His biggest challenge is laundry. He loves electronics and dogs!

This amazing family may appear to be asking for a lot but what they are asking for is a necessity. They need a dependable accessible vehicle so mom can get her little boy back and forth to doctor appointments. We know this may be too much for any one person but together we can help them! Give a little or give a lot but we believe we can change everything for this family if we put our heads and our hearts together.

Anyone out there a dentist or know a dentist who might be able to help out here? Most dental work isn’t covered because it’s not deemed medically necessary but having a toothache or other issues can severely affect a person’s day-to-day activities and ability to function. Let’s give this hard-working, single mom some relief.

Physical Age: 16

Developmental Age: 12-13

Clothing Size: Shirts: Medium (adult), Pants: Small (adult), Shoes: 7, likes the color – burnt orange

Wish list: Cowboys stuff, Longhorns stuff, gaming system or tablet, Columbia heated jacket (L or XL)

Caregiver/parent holiday wish, want, or need:

  • Mattress, bed frame, dental work assistance, a vehicle to get to and from work/Doctor’s appointments, laptop, phone, gift cards


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