Rudolph Family – “Calling All Angels” Christmas Toy Drive

The Rudolph Family Story:

Imagine having severe medical and developmental issues, including seizures and the need to be fed through a G-tube. Now imagine that you’re 12 years old but you think like a toddler and you have two little brothers who may never look up to you. It’s a difficult world for this 12 year old but that’s not all. Imagine that you’re this young person and your mom has a heart attack at age 36, followed by ongoing medical issues, and your grandma passes away, along with the support she once provided.

We think asking for a few toys is modest, at best. And mom, who probably has so many needs and desires is only really asking for some essential oils and diffusers to help ease the burden of caregiving, when she probably needs a caregiver, herself. This one is a no-brainer; let’s make it happen!

Physical Age: 12

Developmental Age: 3-4

Clothing Size: Shirt: XL, Pants: 16 (elastic waist), Shoes: 10

Wish list: Dora the Explorer, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, iPad for speech, any type of music, blocks to play with

Siblings of Child:

9 year old boy

  • Shirt Size: L/XL (14), Pant Size: 12L, Shoe Size: 7
  • Wish list: Xbox One games, sports stuff

5 year old boy:

  • Shirt Size: 7, Pant Size: 6, Shoe Size: 1
  • Ninja Turtle toys, sports toys

Caregiver/parent holiday wish, want, or need:

  • Clothing, cleaning supplies, diffuser (2 or 3), essential oils, twin sheets/bedding, toiletries

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