Second Time’s The Charm?

Hollywood relationships confuse me. I rarely try to understand them, and this news is NO different.

Justin Bieber is a confusing person to me, just as himself, but when you throw in his love life with that, I’m on a whole new level of “whaaaaa???” The most recent news about his love life is (kind of) shocking.

Last time I had checked, he was BACK with Selena Gomez. Ok, I admit that I don’t really keep up with the Biebs and who he is dating. You’ve caught me. Turns out that Justin and Selena are no more…. FOREVER. Bieber is back together with ANOTHER ex,  Hailey Baldwin, and they are now ENGAGED, just after getting back together a few months ago.

Rumors have it that Justin proposed to Hailey in the Bahamas. Both of Biebers parents took to social media to share how excited that are about the news (Mom, Patti, to twitter, and Dad, Jeremy, to Instagram).



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