Johnny B

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I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and lived there most of my life. I’ve also lived and worked radio in Baltimore, Virginia and Delaware. I went to school at West Virginia where I studied broadcasting and moonshine making (sorry, WVU staff- it’s just a joke).

I love music. My first concert was seeing The Who at age 7…ask about the story, and I have made my parents mad too many times by cranking up Van Halen, Aerosmith and anything loud or funky. One of the AWESOME things I ever got to do was fly with the Navy’s Blue Angels and I did not get sick, just dizzy! My Dad was a Navy guy, so it was a special day for both of us! I love football and played it most of my life. I’ve got the left over bumps and bruises to prove it, although admittedly some of those scars are from my love of cycling. But most of all I love NAPS! I have 2 nephews, Greg and Ben and a niece Lauren; 2 sisters Joyce and Judy, so we were all J’S in my family.

I live in McKinney with my wife, Julie, and her son, Jake, and of course Dudley the dog and Sox the cat.

I’ve been at 97.5 KLAK since 2005! Thanks for making this Yankee turn Texas Transplant feel welcome!