Scott K

  • Monday-Friday 5:30am-10:00am

Scott K is a longtime member of the North Texas/Southern Oklahoma radio family, a veteran announcer and award winning commercial producer, writer and voice over artist. You have likely spent a little of your day laughing and having a good time with Scott on the airwaves over the last 10 + years. Passionate about local communities and the people that make them great, Scott is here to help you get ready for work or school with a smile on your face and a catchy song in your head.

Scott is a Father, a husband and an unrelenting defender of all the little ones (human or animal) who can’t defend themselves. Scott K resides in McKinney with his wife Dawn and daughter Kasey. The “K” family are, like you, very busy with school and activities and…well…LIFE…but enjoy spending as much quality time together as possible, be it hiking, fishing or biking or spending Saturdays with Texas Cares Kitty Cat Rescue (Kasey is the junior cat advocate).