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A Year Of PERFECT Sleep?!??? How?

middle aged woman sleeping in bed

Ok, a year of perfect sleep isn’t actually possible. BUT, if it was, what would you do to achieve it?

According to a survey, some of us would take some extreme measures!

Here are the top 10 answers . . .

1.  Give up alcohol, 34%.

2.  Give up reality TV, 33%.

3.  Shave their head, 26%.

4.  Give up social media, 26%.

5.  Pay $2,000, 24%.

6.  Only shower once a week, 22%.

7.  Give up sex for the year, 21%.

8.  Give up hair removal, 18%.

9.  Give up their cell phone, 18%.

10.  Go to jail for a week, 14%.


via Good News Network

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