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ALERT!!!! Coffee Addicts HERE!

brown coffee beans

There is a new coffee coming to town, but not just ANY coffee…. INTERGALACTIC COFFEE!

A company called Space Roasters is planning on sending their coffee beans into SPACE, so that the beans will be roasted upon their re-entry into Earth. They believe that the heat from re-entry will roast them perfectly, after the beans have been hanging out in zero gravity.

Now, how much will these “perfectly roasted” coffee beans cost you? A pretty penny! Apparently, if the beans hitch a ride on one of the commercial space companies that are operating right now, it would cost Space Roasters MILLIONS to roast their beans. That means, in turn, it could cost you $200 to $500 for A SINGLE CUP of coffee from Space Roasters.

I think I’ll stick to McKinney Coffee Company!


via Ars Technica

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