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Comet Family – 2019 KLAK “Calling All Angels” Toy & Clothing Donation Drive

The Comet Family is made up of a Mom and her 3 girls. The 7 year old girl was born at 32 weeks when her mom’s placenta ruptured. It took 5 hours to stabilize them after she was born. The baby was careflighted to a different hospital, but mom couldn’t go with her because of her condition. When baby was 2 weeks old, a spot was found on her brain (a PVL). Because of the loss of oxygen to her brain from her brain bleed, she developed Cerebral Palsy. When she was 6 mo, dad was killed in a car accident leaving behind mom and all 3 girls. Mom has Arthrogryposis which is a condition where joints become permanently fixed in a bent or straightened position. Becuase of this, mom cannot take care of kids without help, but loves her girls so much.

7 y/o girl: [G-Button, Cortical blindness (partially blind, but can see bright colors well), PVL (Periventricular leukomalacia)– softening of brain tissue near brain’s ventricles, Cerebral Palsy, non-verbal, seizures]

Shirt size 8/10, Pants size 8/10, Shoe size 1.5-2, (loves colorful & cheetah patterns)
Wants: stretchy clothes, no jeans, no sweaters, warm clothes must be layers (ie jackets), bows, beanies, loves pizza on shirts, ipad for her stimulation activities, Moana/Frozen toys, plastic baby dolls with NO FAKE HAIR, soft/classical music, Billy Shoes ASO’s on Amazon (size 2), thin shirts
Needs: handicap van, Queen sheets: something slick for mobility, twin sheets: bedding is mint green, twin sheets: whites and greys, twin sheets: bright colors, roasting pan


12 y/o girl:
Shirt size adult m, pant size 5 jeans, shoe size 10, favorite colors teal (no girly)
Wants: American Eagle jeans, tall b-ball socks, apple watch bands, basketball goal for yard, Fire stick, black and white Vans, nintendo switch (games: Mario, DKong, etc, Nike brand clothes and t-shirts


19 y/o girl: (in college)
Shirt size S- tee, M- Long slvd M, Pants size 4 (jeans), Shoe size 8.5
Wants: keurig for her dorm and mugs, ipad for school, Food giftcards: chick fil a, whataburger, Shopping gift cards: target, American Eagle jeans, girly clothes – Forever 21


Mom: loves the boutique, girly clothes (buffalo plaid, florals, etc), hair dryer, ankle socks with patterns (Old Navy), fun pj pants, shirts: 16-18/XL, shoes: 5 (new balance or asics, white or black). Mom is very short and needs to pick out a lot of her own clothes. Loves to take the kids to Film Alley and Texas Roadhouse when she can.


Please help the Comet Family any way you can – all of your donations are greatly appreciated!

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