Comet Family – “Calling All Angels” Christmas Toy Drive – ADOPTED!!



The Comet Family Story:

We all know a single mom who struggles and this hard-working mama needs your help! While working hard and raising two preteens, she is also taking time off work to care for her 10 year old son who was born premature, with a kidney disorder. The sweet boy was born so prematurely that his mom could hold him in the palm of her hand! He has struggled and suffered for his 10 short years that have undoubtedly felt like an eternity at times.

This young boy is a walking miracle. When he can muster the strength, has tried to go to school but the pain usually becomes so unbearable that he must step out again to recover. So much of mom’s energy goes to caregiving and little is leftover for the older two kids. Being an older sibling in this situation can feel hopeless, too. Being a mom who is spread too thin can leave a person feeling so much guilt and hopelessness.

One can imagine the financial strain this whole ordeal has placed on the family and the kids need time with their mom where they can enjoy some time together without feeling alone, carrying the weight of the world. Help us provide them with at least one amazing day this Christmas.

Physical Age: 10

Developmental Age: 10

Clothing Size: Shirts: 8 in boys, Pants: 8, Shoes: 1 (can only wear Nike Roches), likes the colors – blue, black & green

Wish list: Big Nerf gun, Nintendo Switch & Games, Super Mario Games, Superhero movies (Spider-Man, Thor, etc.)

Siblings of Child:

12 year old girl:

  • Shirt Size: Kids Large, Pants Size: 12 Kids Slim/Skinny, Shoe Size: 8 1/2 in women, likes the colors – pink, red & blue
  • Wish list: Bake items, Rosanna Pansino Toys, Harry Potter full movie set, Samsung tablet, blue or pink Fuji instax mini camera & film

14 year old boy:

  • Shirt Size: Adult large, Pants Size: 33W 30 L, Shoe Size: 10 Men’s, likes the colors – blue, black & white
  • Wish List: active wear, Sonic the Hedgehog game, superhero movies, PS4 controllers, Guardians of the Galaxy game/movie, PS4 games (would like Call of Duty II)

Caregiver/parent holiday wish, want or need:

  • A Christmas Tree, Smart TV (Netflix, Amazon, etc.), cooking supplies, non-stick pans, sheets/pillows/comforter for a tween bed, Walmart gift cards


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