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Win tickets to SCREAMS Halloween Theme Park!

Listen for your chance to win tickets* to Screams® Halloween Theme Park! It’s open every Friday & Saturday from 7:30pm – 1:30am, September 28th – October 27th!

Screams® is Haunted Houses and a whole lot more!

Screams has completely transformed with each of the 5 Haunted Houses all new for 2018 along with scores of haunting new characters added to heighten your fear every moment that you are near!

Come experience the Cursed…the witches of TerraMythica Castle, PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos, Captain Baraborsas’ Blood Harbor, Hotel D’Feers and the Zombie Wasteland…Apocalypse. You will also meet the cast of haunting new characters that will find you when you least expect it!

Plus there is live entertainment, Scary-Oke, games of skill, a food court, pubs and more that provide the ultimate Halloween experience!

*Please note: the tickets given away are good for Friday use only!

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