Daddy Daugter Dance: 9 Yrs Later We Still Go

I don’t mean to brag, but I guess I am a little. We are supposed to brag about our kids a little though right. The Daddy Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance, Kids Parents Dance whatever the situation, I know how blessed I an that she still wants to go with me after 9 years. My Daughter is 12, almost 13 (make sure you put that qualifier in there). We have been doing the “DDD” for a long time. You could say we are “DDD Experts”….Well you could! This a night we both look forward to all year long. When she was 5, I made her “pinky promise” she would go until she was 18. She did. Now she is stuck with me. But She looks forward to it just as much as I do. Because it isn’t about the “Dance”, it’s about “us”, Dad and Daughter, just being together. But it’s also about showing her how she should treated by whomever she decides to date. It is important on so many levels beyond just getting dressed up, going to the dance and dinner.



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