Don’t Wanna Cook Thanksgiving Dinner? Here Is Your Answer!

Autumn background with pumpkin pie, pumpkins, nuts and spices

As a millennial (I don’t like admitting that often), I CANNOT cook. Thankfully, I’m not married, so Thanksgiving is still hosted at my parents house, and I don’t have to worry about making the meal. However, if the time ever comes where I am the one who has to host, Pringles has come to the rescue!

Yeah, you read that right… PRINGLES! As in the chips.

Tonight, at 11:59 Eastern time, Thanksgiving flavored Pringles go on sale at For $15 you get a pack of three Thanksgiving flavors…. turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. YUM! Now…. would a mashed potato flavor be considered lazy???Guess I’ll jsut be buying the regular flavor and calling it a day for that side.

You better believe that I’ll be trying these!


via USA Today



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