Everyday Hero – Brylie Flynn – December 2017

Brylie Flynn - December 2017

Congratulations and appreciation goes out to Miss Brylie Flynn for being this week’s recipient of the Everyday Hero Award!

Despite being in and out of hospitals for the past five years, due to a debilitating disease, this little nine year-old girl has touched so many lives with her positive attitude. Even with her health declining, she still woke up each day with a bright smile to bless people at the school where she has attended. Now wheelchair bound and unable to speak, her message of hope still touches lives everywhere, even some who have never met her.

For every brave thing you do Miss Brylie, Texas Star Bank and 97.5 KLAK say “Thank You!”

You are truly an Everyday Hero!


Here is the original radio spot that aired, featuring Miss Brylie:

In case you missed her feature on KXII, click here: Brylie Flynn’s news story




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