Everyday Hero – Tyler Board – July 2018

Congratulations and appreciation goes out to Mr. Tyler Board for being this month’s recipient of the Everyday Hero Award, brought to you by Texas Star Bank!

In a time when most young men are partying, wasting time and money, and playing video games, this young man is makin strides and making waves in the community. He’s incredibly ambitious, always working hard and thinking of others. His dedication to service, while also a family tradition, is something he takes very personally.

Tyler graduated from McKinney North High School, completed JROTC and entered the US Army as a 2nd Lieutenant. He has supported various charities, including Carry the Load and the Smiles Charity. He continues to look for opportunities to give back to his community and his country, even though he already gave up his brother who was KIA in Afghanistan.

For every thing you do, Mr. Tyler 97.5 KLAK and Texas Star Bank would like to say:

“Thank You!” You are truly an Everyday Hero!

Here is the original radio spot that aired, featuring Mr. Tyler:




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