Free Tickets To See Beyonce And Jay Z?

Yes, you read the title right! There is a rumor going around. A pretty bit rumor at that.

Word on the street is, tickets for On The Run II tour are being GIVEN away in order to fill the streets. Now, before you go googling who’s tour is title On The Run II, you’ve heard of Beyonce and Jay Z, right?

Yep… the starts are having trouble selling their  tickets, according to DailyMail. The power couple… The King of Rap for some…. the Queen of Pop for others…. cannot sell their tickets!

Reports are saying, “Music fans at their recent Glasgow concert reported they were handed free tickets for the show in a car park because of empty seats.” Apparently fans even went to Twitter to warn of the awesome “deal” being handed out.

If this keeps up, they will be in our backyard soon! They hit the stage at AT&T Stadium on September 11th.



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