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Frosty Family – 2019 KLAK “Calling All Angels” Toy & Clothing Donation Drive

The Frosty Family is made up of a 20 year old single Mom who has been diagnosed with Grade 4 Brain Cancer, her 2 children and grandparents. Prior to her diagnosis this past June, she began having terrible headaches and noticed something was wrong. The weekend of Father’s Day 2019, she was diagnosed with cancer. She has had 4 brain surgeries and has also undergone chemotherapy. As the tumor grows, she has become non-verbal and continues to fight for her life. Since her diagnosis, she and her two small children have moved in with her grandparents who are working hard to care for her and her and her babies. Grandma debated not even putting up the tree this year because they weren’t going to be able to put gifts under it. Doctors say this will the Mom’s last Christmas.

20 y/o Mom: [Grade 4 Brain Cancer]

Shirt size Large, pant size XL/17 stretchy, color green
Wants: DVD player, antenna for TV, dream catchers and crosses, silky night gowns XL, beanies/toboggans, XL coat and hoodies, Hocus Pocus on DVD, cloth underpads for her to sit/lay on, light green: soft bath towels/wash cloths, deodorant, baby wipes (shea butter)
Needs: cleaning supplies, vacuum, velcro cushion for wheelchair, black refrigerator (5’5″x2’8″), disinfecting wipes, laundry detergent/fabric softener, hydrating lotion, smell good shampoos, Walmart gift cards, black dishwasher (2’8″x2′)


8 m/o boy:

Shirt size 12 months, pant size 12 months, color blue
Wants: “Little People” plastic play sets, blankets, baby boy toys, baby books, decorations for his nursery, DVD player, sesame street/other baby DVDs, size 3 diapers, clothes


2 y/o girl:

Shirt size 24 months, pant size 24 months, shoe size 5, color pink
Wants: anything Minnie Mouse, little TV and DVD player, LOVES mermaids, little girl movies, book for kids her age, any toys that play music, My Little Pony toys, clothes, size 2 Pull-ups


Grandmother: black tall boots with buckle (size 10), TV, end tables, and coffee table, air fryer, griddle, brown throw rugs, anything native American, Blouses (XL), pants (11), big coffee cups.

Grandfather: plaid/western shirts (Wrangler, Med.), steel toe lace boots (8.5D), brown cap, gift cards: Atwoods or Harbor Freight


Please help the Frosty Family any way you can – all of your donations are greatly appreciated!

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