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Gamers Could Soon Have A New Addiction!

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Netflix streaming services have really boomed over the years. Wanna watch a new show? Netflix! Wanna see that movie that came out not too long ago? Netflix! Love documentaries? NETFLIX!

As of late, news has broke that Apple is now in the works of creating their very own subscription services, but for GAMES! That’s right! No more having to stock up on games for Christmas presents. No more GameStop, to trade out your games for the latest ones. Just go ahead and sell all of your games for money, because soon you could be streaming all the latest games RIGHT AT HOME!

Apple is in talks with game developers, but no word yet on how much the subscription will cost, or which games will be available.

Now, there is already a game subscription service…. Gamefly, but they send you the games via snail mail. Boo!


via Gamefly

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