Guac Is Extra, But It’s Ok, Because So am I!

Guacamole dip and nachos

National Guacamole Day is Sunday!!!! My biggest question for you is, do you pay up when guac is extra, or just skip it?

Here are some numbers regarding guacamole, from anew survey:

1.  48% of people say they LOVE guacamole, and another 25% say they like it.  Less than 8% say they hate it (weirdos!).

2.  29% of people eat it at least once a week, and 6% eat it DAILY.

3.  And when you’re asked “guac is extra, is that okay?” . . . 38% of people always pay up.  27% will pay extra for it once in a while, and 11% will only eat it if it’s included for free.


I ALWAYS pay extra for guac!



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