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Hollywood Gossip Minute – 5/14/19

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Here is your Hollywood Gossip for Tuesday, May 14th– Brought to you by Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Frisco:

The Bachelorette premiered last night on ABC. Hannah B started her journey to forever (or a few months to a couple years) with Mr. Right (now). The premier already had drama. I know, shocker. Turns out, one of the men, Scott, has a girlfriend back home. GASP! So what did Hannah B do? She confronted Scott, of course! He denied the allegations as first, but as Hannah kept on, he finally admitted that he had a woman back home waiting for him. Scott then tried to compare it to Hannah dating Colton Underwood (Last seasons Bachelor). Yeah right, Scott. The only choice Hannah had left was to kick him out of the mansion, and make sure all the other men knew she was serious about the process, and if any of them had a girl back home, they best leave NOW! I’m sure none of this was scripted, or planned. Makes for GREAT tv though, right? Before all of this went down, Scott made it clear how “serious” he takes the Bachelorette process. Uh huh. Yea. Sure!

I can tell it’s gonna be a FUUUUUUUN season!


via US Weekly 

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