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Hollywood Gossip Minute – 5/30/19

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Here is your Hollywood Gossip for Thursday, May 30th– Brought to you by Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Frisco:

There is a new tell all hitting shelves, and if you’re a reality TV fan, you’re gonna want to read this one! Lamar Odom’s new memoir, Darkness to Light dishes. it. alllllll! Look, I’m gonna be honest… I keep up with the Kardashians, especially if it has to do with Khloe and Lamar! So, where do I start with this book? First off, Lamar admits that he threatened to KILL Khloe when they were married. Um WHAT? He was clearly VERY high at the time, which helped with the madness when he found out that Khloe called his friends for help when he started hallucinating in his “man cave.” Deserving of a death threat though? No! Which is probably why it’s one point of their marriage that he is particularly ashamed of. What does Khloe think about the memoir? Well, Lamar admitted that she reached out to him about it while on The Jenny McCarthy Show on Wednesday. “She talked about one of the stories that I told in the book about her coming to the hotel and putting her hands on a girl. She said that she didn’t even think that I remembered that story.” Odom said it was a friendly text, from Kardashian. That’s a relief after everything he put her through!!! But did Lamar warn his former in-laws about the book? “I didn’t really, which I probably should have, but there’s not one bash in there about her or her family at all,” Odom told Us Weekly on Tuesday, May 28, noting that no one could even pay him to trash the Kardashians “because that would be lying.”

Call me crazy, but I’m still rooting for Khloe and Lamar!


via Us Weekly

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