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Hollywood Gossip Minute – 5/31/19

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Here is your Hollywood Gossip for Thursday, May 30th– Brought to you by Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Frisco:

It’s about time we have gone over this! Rihanna has FINALLY corrected the world on how to pronounce her name, and I have to admit, I’ve been saying it wrong this whole time. Rihanna was featured in a video for Vogue, where she introduced herself, and fans on twitter could not be more thankful. One user said, “so we’ve been pronouncing Rihanna’s name wrong this whole time,” while another tweeted, Thank you @Rihanna for pronouncing your name, my daughter’s name is Brianna but people pronounce it Brionna, similar to yours.” Social media users were REAL QUICK to point out that it is mostly American’s who have been pronouncing her name wrong. “Only Americans pronounce it as rihaaaaaaana lol,” one social media user wrote. However, another added, “us brits we BEEN pronouncing her name right since dayyy.” Now, according to E! News, It turns out, Rihanna actually clarified her name pronunciation during a 2012 interview with reporter AJ Hammer. During their chat, the superstar confirmed it is “Re-Anna.”

So now my question is… Is it AIRY-ana, or ARI-ana Grande?


via E! News

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