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How Far Would You Go To Fight The Flu???

Mid adult woman blowing nose on tissue.

There is a new company, with a crazy idea they swear will help you fight the flu.

Vaev is selling boxes of tissues. The crazy part? They are already infected with GERMS. The CRAZIEST part? They are selling for $80 a box. Yep. $80 for a box of germ infected tissues.

They say that the germ infected tissues help you build your immune system to help you fight the flu…. OR they let YOU decide when you wanna be sick…. So really, they don’t promise the idea of NO flu at all.

Now, before you waste your money on these, just know that doctors are NOT ok with this, and hope it’s just a stunt.

If you don’t care what medical professionals think, then you can check out the tissues at


via Yahoo

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