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How Millennial Are You?

After I read these stats, I instantly felt my millennial status.

According to a new survey, 26% of adults wake up at least once during the night to check their phone.

62% of us also keep our phone within reach of our bed . . . and 12% of us literally cuddle with our phone and keep it IN bed with us.

And 23% of us check our phone within five minutes of waking up.

The survey also found that 39% of kids say they wish their parents would spend less time on their phones.


I, personally, wake up at least once during the night and check my phone. I sleep with it within reach for sure, because it’s IN bed with me, right under my pillow. It’s also the first thing I do/check when I wake up, mostly because I have to turn off my alarm, but still!!!


So, how millennial are you???


via CNet

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