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I Present To You: The Ultimate Dad Shoe!

Afraid frightened woman peeking through her fingers

Dads… they aren’t typically on the cutting edge of fashion, but that’s part of why we love them, right? First there was socks and sandals, but what happens when one embarrassing fashion trend teams up with another embarrassing fashion trend? The ULTIMATE dad shoe!!!

A company called Beams teamed up with Crocs to make a special edition with miniature fanny packs attached to the heels.  They come in green and purple and cost $53.

Honestly, I’m not sure how much normal Crocs cots, but, I couldn’t imagine paying more than $15 for them.

Here’s a picture of the shoes.

Now, Nike has already tried the sandal and fanny pack looks. They sell some slides as a fanny pack. You can see them here. All Dad’s need now are some nice high socks.


via Fox 32 – Chicago


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