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It Takes How Long To Back To Your Regular Schedule After The Holidays????

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It’s January 7, 2019. If this is your first day back to work, then one, I am VERY jealous of you, and two, I also feel a bit sorry for you.

A recent survey says that it takes the average person FOUR DAYS to get back into the swing of things, meaning that if this is your first day back after the holidays, then you’ll be back to normal on Friday…. just in time to start the weekend and be off again!

What makes it so hard to adjust back to normal life? Don’t worry, I have a list of things for you!

1.  The weather is horrible.  Which is just depressing.

2.  The days are still short, and it gets dark early.

3.  We know we’ve got another two months of winter left.

4.  You just feel tired and sluggish in general.

5.  January feels like the longest month of the year.

6.  The excitement of Christmas has passed.

7.  Readjusting to your routine feels boring.

8.  It feels like ages before you’ll have time off work again.

9.  You feel like there’s nothing to look forward to now.

10.  You want to exercise, but can’t get motivated.


via Yahoo

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