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It’s Monday, GRAB THE COFFEE!!!!

For most, coffee is a need in the morning. For me, with my hours, it’s a necessity! If you are someone who needs the most from their coffee, I have the perfect list for you. Coffee ranked by how much caffeine they have!

1.  Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, 20.8 milligrams of caffeine per ounce.  To compare, Pepsi only has about 3 milligrams per ounce.

2.  Starbucks, 20.6 milligrams per ounce. Maybe the cost is worth it?

3.  7-Eleven coffee, 17.5 milligrams. 7-Eleven coffee tastes pretty good too!

4.  Peet’s Coffee, 16.7 milligrams.

5.  Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, 15 milligrams.

6.  Chick-fil-A coffee . . . yes, they have coffee . . . 13.6 milligrams.

7.  Panera Bread, 11.8 milligrams per ounce.

8.  McDonald’s coffee, just 9.1 milligrams. Might be cheap, but Starbucks coffee has more than TWICE as much caffeine per ounce.

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