Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

They hasn’t always been all glitz and glamour! I mean everyone has to start somewhere right? Here is proof, check out where some of your favorites got their start.

Nicki Minaj, was once (by her own admission, not a very good) Red Lobster Waitress

Meghan Markle, worked as a Calligrapher, she actually worked on Robin Thicke’s Wedding invites

Brad Pitt, Chicken Costume Wearer…….Pictures please..

Kanye West, Gap Sales Associate. We figure that went something like this”Hold on, hold on, Ima let you wear that, but first you gotta put this on, this is the best shirt ever in the history of shirts, you know it, I know it, just put on this shirt, tell me it aint the best!” Sound about right?

What is the strangest job you ever had?



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