Layaway Angels

Red and silver gift box on white background

So there is a new (maybe) thing happening around the nation this holiday season. Layaway Angels.  People who walk into Walmarts and pay off everyone’s layaway for Christmas.

Most of the “angels” have been anonymous, but it recently came out that the New Orleans Saints owner, Gayle Benson, paid off the layaway in NOLA.

Now, just yesterday, Tyler Perry paid off the layaway accounts at not one, but TWO Walmart’s in Georgia. He paid for $256,000 worth of stuff at a Walmart in the Atlanta suburb of Douglasville, and $178,000 worth of stuff at a Walmart in East Point, Georgia.  That makes a grand total of about 434 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! About 1,500 people had their layaway items paid for.

Tyler stated that he was trying to do it anonymously in a video he posted yesterday, but apparently someone leaked it. Perry said he is “really grateful to be able to be in a position to do this.” (Here’s the video.)



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