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Let’s Hear It For Mom!!!!

hand laying on the table bunch of roses and box with a gift for mother's day

Moms do it all, AND still work a job, most of the time. But how much of their work isn’t paid?

A new survey found that moms spends¬†97¬†hours a WEEK taking care of their children. That’s A LOT of hours… about two-and-a half full-time jobs! And to top it off…. 70% of the women surveyed HAVE a job already!

So, how much would mom be bringing in if she was paid for all the extra work she does for her kids? OVER $100,000 A YEAR!

  1. The ten most common jobs moms take on are:
    1. Meal planner
    2. Cook
    3. Housekeeper
    4. Launderer
    5. Teacher
    6. Nurse
    7. Life coach
    8. Personal assistant
    9. Therapist
    10. Event planner
  2. The average mom spends 46 minutes a day cooking . . . 44 minutes on laundry . . . 29 minutes on arts and crafts projects . . . and gets less than one hour of “me time”
  3. 53% of moms don’t get enough sleep, and 47% feel like they don’t have time to pursue hobbies, or hang out with friends
  4. 69% of moms in the survey said they wish they could spend even MORE time caring for their kids

So, let’s give it up for mom! She really deserves it this Mother’s Day!


via Yahoo


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