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Most Common April Fools Pranks. Which Will You Try?

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Need a simple, but classic prank for today? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. Here are the top most common April Fools’ Day pranks:

1.  Mind game pranks, like rearranging someone’s furniture and pretending nothing looks out of the ordinary.

2.  Scare tactics, like putting a fake spider on a person’s chair.

3.  Lying pranks, like telling your significant other you’re pregnant.

4.  A prank phone call.

5.  A food-related prank, like toothpaste in an Oreo.

6.  A “make things inaccessible” prank, like putting a stapler in Jell-O.

7.  An elaborate prank that you film for YouTube.

8.  A “toilet humor” prank, like cellophane on a toilet seat or putting fake poop in someone’s coffee.


via National Today

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