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New Dress Code Alert! Parents, This Means YOU Too!

A head shot of a young beautiful adult female mixed African American woman posing with elbow up and a tank top shirt and with orange curlers or rollers in her dark hair isolated on a white backdrop.

Turns out dressing yourself has gotten so out of hand that a high school is Houston just implemented a new dress code… for the PARENTS!

The principal at James Madison High School sent home a letter that stated parents needed to start dressing better when dropping off, and picking up their kids.

Prohibited items include: Hair rollers . . . pajamas . . . slippers . . . visible underwear . . . jeans with rips on the butt . . . very low cut tops . . . sagging pants . . . and short shorts.

This has not pleased the Houston Federation of Teachers. A spokesperson says, quote, “Having body parts exposed is one thing.  Turning someone away because their hair’s in rollers . . . is a little ridiculous.  Some of that stuff seems a little classist.”


via CNN

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