Phone Addiction Leads To “Phubbing.”

There is a new term floating around now; Phubbing. It means that you are so focused on your PHONE that you ignore someone, or don’t hear them.

Apparently phubbing is something a third of people have to deal with in their relationships, according to a new survey.

So, just how addicted are we to our phones?

1.  49% of people say they’d pay more attention to what was going on around them if they didn’t have their phone.  20% say they wouldn’t.  Everyone else was on the fence.

2.  Would you focus better in general without your phone?  43% said yes, 24% said no.

3.  Would you feel anxious, because you wouldn’t be able to instantly communicate with people?  44% said they would.

4.  Would you feel any sense of RELIEF if you didn’t have your phone for the day?  Only 29% said yes . . . 34% said no . . . and 37% weren’t sure.

5.  Would you feel weird without your phone, because you wouldn’t know what to do?  22% said that yes, they would.

6.  How often do you leave the house without your phone?  67% said rarely or never . . . 22% said every now and then . . . only 8% said regularly . . . and 2% said they never take their cell phone anywhere.

7.  When you’re at home and walk to a different room, do you usually bring your phone with you?  That one was 50/50.  Half of people said yes, and half said no.


via YouGov



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