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Prancer Family – 2019 KLAK “Calling All Angels” Toy & Clothing Donation Drive

The Prancer Family is made up of a Mom and her 5 kids. The mom spends a lot of time in the hospital with the 3 year old boy. Her dad helps her with the kids and this family could use a great Christmas. When the 3 year old boy was born, she suffered a placenta abruption in which they both had to be resuscitated. He was without oxygen for 6 minutes leading to brain damage. This entire family’s world revolves around him and they could use some Christmas magic.

3 y/0 boy: [G-button, Imcrocephaly (abnormally small head), brain damage, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)]

Shirt size 24 months, colors gray & blue
Wants: soft footie pajamas (Carter’s brand), toys that make sounds, sound machine (ocean waves, etc), light up fish aquarium toy to hang in crib, children’s tablet for visual stimulation
Needs: soft baby blankets, vacuum, Pullups (2/3T and 4/5T), mini crib sheets, cleaning supplies, baby wipes, twin sheets for all kids, huggies diapers (4T)


6 y/o girl:

Shirt size 7/8, pant size 6, shoe size 12 kids, colors pink & purple
Wants: Very girly, loves ruffles and glitter, art sets, bike with training wheels, kids tablet with learning activities, vtech activity table, pjs and house shoes, unicorn/princess toys, plain baby dolls (not the kind you feed), unicorn bedroom set (shares room)


2 y/o girl:

Shirt size 3T, pant size 3T, shoe size 7, colors pink & purple
Wants: unicorn bedroom set (shares room), princess toys, unicorn themed things, vtech activity table, tricycle, baby doll to play feed & change, motorized car she can drive around yard


13 y/o boy:

Shirt size Large, shoe size 8
Wants: under armor/Nike stuff, backyard toys, loves football, basketball, baseball, bike, Evolution basketball, “Mambo Focus” Nikes white w/ black swoosh, air pods, athletic hoodies


10 y/0 girl:

Shirt size Large, shoe size 3.5, color turquoise
Wants: Nintendo Switch, black/white checkered Vans, babydolls, laptop/printer, bike, scrunchies


Mom: Keurig, Pioneer Woman Kitchen stuff from Walmart, Winter fragrance items from Bath and Body Works, bras (34D from Victoria Secret), sized Medium PJ sets. She loves buffalo plaid patterns. Mom would love a swingset for their backyard.


Please help the Prancer Family any way you can – all of your donations are greatly appreciated!

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