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Rudolph Family – 2019 KLAK “Calling All Angels” Toy & Clothing Donation Drive

The Rudolph family is made up of a Mom and Dad who are both nurses & began fostering and adopting medically fragile children. At this time, they have 9 children: 6 of whom were adopted and are considered medically fragile. Today, the family of 11, along with grandma, live a life of love and happiness together. Recently, Mom was diagnosed with cancer and grandma is currently on home hospice. This beautiful family would love to have a great Christmas this year!


6 y/o boy: (brain injury, gbutton) He was adopted when he was 3 years old. He was brought home to this family from the hospital when he was 6 months old. He was born at 24 weeks gestation which caused a brain injury. He has global developmental delays and was vent/trach
dependent for 5 years. He has been off of the ventilator for 7 months and decannulated
for 2 months. He is fed via gbutton due to oral aversion. His family hopes he will be
accepted into a patient feeding program for 30 days to help him learn to eat by mouth!
He wants to be a fire fighter and a preacher when he grows up and is currently in

Shirt size: 5T, Pant size: 5T, Shoe size: 10 toddler
Wants: Paw Patrol super mighty pumps lookout tower, Star Wars: The Vintage Collection, First Order Storm Trooper, Tonka Steel Classic Tow Truck, Paw Patrol 3-wheel scooter with lighted wheels, Tonka Mighty mini track set, Hedstrom Junior Athletic Paw Patrol Basketball, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price Thomas and Friends Around the World push train, Daron New York MTA hybrid articulated bus.
Needs: Twin sized sheets, blanket, pillow, lamp, clothes


9 y/o boy: (Quadriplegia, epilepsy, vision impaired, incontinent, gbutton) He was adopted at age 3. He was born at 26 weeks gestation which caused a brain bleed to both sides of his brain and a stroke in the back. It also caused all of his health issues listed above. He is the Dallas Cowboy’s biggest fan and loves rewatching their games that his family records for him. He is in the 3rd grade and loves going to school and is very talkative.

Shirt size: 10-12 boys, Pant size: 8 boys, Shoe size: Billy classic lace high shoe 2M (it is the only kind he can get on with his AFOS)
Wants: Dallas Cowboy DVD of past games to watch, Big school bus, DVD player, Step 2 Step Discovery Ball Table, Little Tikes Punt Pass and Shoot Balls, Mikasa Rubber Cover playground ball 8.5, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs

Needs: Washable incontinent pads, lamp, pillow, blanket, twin sized sheets, overnight maxi pads for incontinence


14 y/o boy: (Cerebral Palsy, blind, seizures, oral aversion, stroke, non-verbal, incontinent) He was adopted when he was 10 years old. He was born normal until he was 6 months old and his biological mother smothered him to make him stop crying. The lack of oxygen caused all of his health issues listed above. He loves listening to his brothers and sisters play and laugh and will laugh along with them. His parents say he lives for car rides!

Shirt size: 14-16 boys, Pant size: 14-16 boys, Shoe size: Billy classic high lace shoe 1M (this is the only shoe he can wear due to deformities)
Wants: Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Around the Town Learning table, iPod with headphones (not earbuds), white noise machine, push balloons, Baby Einstein’s Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra, Calming autism sensory LED light, Sensory Pea Pod Med-LG
Needs: Pillow, washable incontinence pads, weighted blanket, regular blanket, lamp, gel cushion for wheelchair, adult sized bibs for drooling


13 y/o boy: (Quadriplegia, Cerebral Palsy with dystonia, trach dependent, gbutton) He was adopted at the age of 12. He was born prematurely which caused all of the issues listed above. He also loves to ride in the car so he can laugh and smile while he watches out the window. He has a smile of gold and loves being sang to and watching his family dance.

Shirt size: 10-12 boys, Pant size: 10-12 boys, Shoe size: Billy classic lace high shoe 12M
Wants: iPod with headphones (no earbuds), calming autism sensory LED light, Sensory pea pod
Med-Lg, DVD player, Cartoon DVDs
Needs: Adult sized bibs for drooling, twin sized sheets, twin sized mattress warmer, gel cushion for his wheelchair seat, weighted blanket, regular blanker, pillow, washable incontinence pads


13 y/o girl: (seizures, quadriplegia, Cerebral Palsy, blind, nonverbal, gbutton, severe scoliosis, contractures) She was adopted at the age of 12. She was completely normal until the age of 3. One of her biological family members beat her almost to death which caused a continuous seizure. This resulted in all of her issues listed above. She is very sweet and loving and shares a special bond with the family cat who sleeps with her every night.

Shirt size: 16-18 girls, Skirt/Dress size: 14-16 girls **no pants**, Shoe size: she cannot wear shoes, but can wear houseshoes sized 3
Wants: Calming autism sensory light, barney DVDs, iPod with headphones (no earbuds), massage pillow, fuzy socks and house shoes
Needs: Pillow, blanket, weighted blanket, twin sized mattress warmer, washable incontinence pads, ponytail holders, bobby pins, twin sheets


9 y/o boy: He was adopted at the age of 3. He has a metabolic disorder called VLCAD and has to have a special diet of no more the 9g of fat per day and cannot fast for more than 4 hours during the day and 10 hours at night. He wants to be a chef or preacher when he grows up and is currently showing a pig in FFA!

Shirt size: 10-12 boys, Pant size: 10-12 boys, Shoe size: 5 youth
Wants: Twin sized mattress warmer, Cowboy belt and buckle for FFA, Cowboy hat, Star Wars: The Black Series, Luke Skywalker battle simulation helmet, Fortnite Legend Daryl Series Enforcer 6” action figure, Vtech smart watch, Magformer Tiles: clear color (loves fishing, hunting, etc)
Needs: socks, underwear size 8, blanket, lamp


15 y/o girl:
Shirt Size: small, Pant size: 0, Shoe size: 3
Wants: Ear buds, nude eye pallet (eyeshadow), make up bag, purse wallet. (She is very outdoorsy, loves sports and hunting, running and animals. Wanting to learn how to do makeup)


8 y/o girl:
Shirt size: 5-6 girls, Skirt/Dress size: 6x girls **no pants**, Shoe size: 12 Toddler
Wants: Cea-z-loom super loom craft activity kit (and pom-pom maker attachment), American Girl doll, Vtech smart watch, camera, purse, twin sized mattress warmer (she loves the outdoors and arts and crafts)
Needs: Blanket, pillow, socks, panties, hairbrush, pony tail holders, bobby pins


7 y/o girl:
Shirt size: 7-8 girls, Skirt/Dress size: 7-8 girls **no pants**, Shoe Size: 13 toddlers
Wants: Vtech smart watch, bath bombs with surprises in them, American girl doll, Barbie horse and house, baby doll stroller, twin sized mattress warmer, Kindi Kids snack time friends doll,
Nickelodeon’s Shimmer and Shirt Genie Barbie teal (very girly, loves baby dolls and barbies)


Shirt size: XL, Skirt/Dress size: XL **no pants**, Shoe size: 7.5
Wants: Microwave, Ninja 9 in 1 pressure cooker and hair dryer, bath towels, essential oil diffuser,
essential oil Bergamot, DVD player, Makeup table with mirror and chair
Needs: Pillow, razor, bobby pins, socks, long slip size XL


Wants: Centerpoint XL Specialist 370 camo crossbow package


Wants/Needs: Longsleeved bed gowns XL, warm socks, fleece blanket, digital clock


Please help the Rudolph Family any way you can – all of your donations are greatly appreciated!

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