The Santa Family consists of a 32 year old male (12 year old developmental age) and his Dad. During birth, the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice and they almost lost him. This caused immediate seizures and after this he didn’t progress. He cannot walk or use his limbs and at the age of 10 his parents had to put him into a home for children where they would visit every week. During his admittance, his care wasn’t the best and they didn’t move him around correctly and it worsened his scoliosis and he lost lung capacity so he was put onto a CPAP machine. They brought him home and joined AOC. Unfortunately, his mom passed away two years ago and his elderly father is struggling to care for him. He tries to stay positive, but he is very tired and loves his son very much.

32 year old (12 year old developmental age): (trach, ventilator, gbutton, Quadraplegia, scoliosis)

Shirt size Men’s XL, Pants size Large (sweat pants), Shoe size warm socks, favorite colors orange & blue

Wants: books on CD– Christian, Cotton tshirts — no v-necks, Movies: Avengers Endgame, Star Wars, Wilderness DVDs, superhero DVDs, instrumental CDs, CD Player, Apollo 11 movie

Needs: King sized sheets – cotton, cleaning supplies, vaccum, hand mixer, mixing bowls, Gain detergent and dryer sheets, L Cotton pads for moving (48×48), finger clamp for oxygen reader (Masimo Rad-8), mandolin for slicing veggies, WAL MART GIFT CARD, VISA gift card for gas


Dad: has no wi-fi — would like something to put in his window that will help him get live tv, houseshoes size 9, XL tshirts (he is an older man and dresses modestly), size 9 brown shoes that are comfortable (rather than tennis shoes), gift cards so he can go out to eat (Applebees, Cotton Patch, Chilis, On the Border)


Please help the Santa Family any way you can – all of your donations are greatly appreciated!

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