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OK, before I get anywhere with this blog post, I’m just going to start out by saying that this survey is from the U.K. People were asked to name the most common “house rules” you should follow as a guest.

Apparently, over a quarter of the people said it’s rude to ask for the WiFi password. WHO KNEW?!?? Also, it’s extra impolite to ask right when you get there. You’re supposed to wait THIRTY minutes! That is SO much scrumming on social media that I have to do on my network (just kidding)! Now, 1 in 10 people said they’ve actually REFUSED to give out their password before. Now THAT is rude!

Here are the top ten rules you should follow as a guest:

1.  Take your shoes off at the door.

2.  No shoes on the sofa.

3.  Always flush the toilet.  Duh?

4.  Use a coaster.

5.  No phones at the dinner table.

6.  No swearing, especially if they have kids.

7.  Put the toilet seat down.

8.  Wash your hands before dinner, or they’ll think you’re gross.

9.  Put on slippers and socks when you enter the house.  (???)

10.  Don’t assume you can go anywhere in the house.  Some rooms could be off limits, like a bedroom or bathroom.

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