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Sometimes I HATE Admitting I’m A Millennial…. This Is One Example Of Why

Yep… I’m a millennial, and I often HATE that fact about myself. Millennials have such a bad rap. This story is PRIME example as to why.

There is a woman by the name of Holly Anne Albert, in Maryland. She is 30-years-old, unemployed, and lives in her parents basement. Promising so far, right? Well, she just got arrested last month for second-degree assault charges, over an incident that happened a year ago.

What could have possible happened you ask? Well, here is where it gets REALLY good!

According to the police report, Holly threw her cell phone at her mother (which actually hit her in the back of the head and left a gash!), after hurling insults at her, when her mother refused to driver her to her yoga class. True story…..

The cops were obviously called, and Holly ran away from home. No clue why she was just now arrested, but shes due in court soon, so her parents are hoping they “go easy on her.” Why, I have no idea….?

(Here’s her mugshot.)


via WJLA


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