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Summer IS Almost Here. Which Person Are You?

Portrait of young friends jumping into the water from a jetty. Young people having fun at the lake on a summer day.

Summer is pretty much here, which means there are two types of people: the ones who are all into looking good in their bathing suit, and those like me, who are excited that Oreo has FIVE new flavors coming out this summer!


If you’re more into fitness and looking good, then here ya go….

An expert with the American Council on Exercise (what even is that???) has THREE exercises that are most effective and DON’T require equipment. Maybe I’ll even give these a try…?

1.  Burpees.  You start in a standing position . . . drop down and do a push-up . . . then pop back up . . . jump with your hands above your head . . . and repeat.  It works your chest, arms, shoulders, core, hips, legs AND butt.

2.  Mountain climbers.  You start in a plank position, like you’re about to do a push-up.  Then you bring one knee to your chest, alternate legs, and basically act like you’re running in place.  Again, it hits a bunch of muscles at once.  And it’s good cardio.

3.  Turkish get-ups.  This one’s harder and you’d need to practice.  But basically, you start on your back, with one hand pointed at the ceiling. Then without letting it drop, you roll onto your side . . . plant one foot on the ground . . . and rise to your feet.

IF you get bored with these… you can eventually add weights and/or a band.


NOW! If you’re more like me, and love food! Boy do I have a treat for you!

Oreo just announced FIVE new flavors that will be released throughout the summer. YES, PLEASE!

1.  S’mores Oreos are hitting stores now.  They have a graham cracker-flavored cookie and two layers of cream, one marshmallow, one chocolate.

2.  Latte Thins are coming in June.  They’re thin chocolate cookies with coffee-flavored cream in between.  And these aren’t limited edition . . . Oreo says they’re permanent.

3.  Marshmallow Moon Oreos are coming in mid-June.  These are basically regular Oreos, but they have a moon design on the cookies to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.  And the cream is purple.

4.  Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos are coming in July.  Oreo teamed up with Baskin-Robbins and there are two layers of cream on the cookies:  A mint layer and a chocolate layer.  And both layers have tiny chocolate chips inside.

5.  Maple Cream Oreos are coming in August.  These are the golden vanilla cookies with maple-flavored cream in between.


ALSO, a new study just found that pigging out ISN’T bad for you, because our bodied adjust! Ok, so this is only true if you are having a “treat” day every once in awhile…. So, if you don’t over indulge EVERY weekend, your body will bounce back fairly quickly.

The only catch? The study group was full of young people who were already in decent shape. No idea how overweight 50-year-olds will respond.




via Time / Delish / MedicalXpress

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