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The Five Second Rule vs. Double Dipping…. Which Is Worse?

Guacamole dip and nachos

You drop your food on the floor and pick it up to eat it, it has bacteria on it. You dip your chip, eat off it, and then go to dip it again, you add bacteria to the entire dip bowl. But which is WORSE?

The author of a book called “Did You Just Eat That” says he’s done rigorous tests, and found that double-dipping a chip transfers a significant amount of bacteria into the dip, while eating food you dropped on the floor isn’t as bad as we’d think. How is that possible? Well, quote, “most surfaces are not going to have any kind of dangerous bacteria there.”

Also, carpet seems to be even more “safe” than hardwood, or tile. Apparently carpet soaks up all the bacteria…. GROSS!


via ABC News Australia

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