Turns Out There Are Some Awful People Out There

thinking woman

Ok, it’s time to see how well you follow your moral compass..

According to a new survey, four out of 10 people claim they LIE on a regular basis. The survey also asked people about some ethically questionable situations, and these are the results:

1.  53% of people wouldn’t say anything if they got too much change back at a store.

2.  48% would pocket cash that someone else left in an ATM.

3.  33% say they’d keep a LOT of money that didn’t belong to them, roughly $325,000, if they knew they could get away with it.

4.  33% would keep a gadget or lost item they found on a bus.

5.  And only 30% would tell a friend if they found out that person’s significant other was cheating on them.


via SWNS Digital



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