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Wait, You Haven’t Started You New Year Resolution Yet?

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To me, it felt like January was a year long itself, and now February is FLYING by. I have yet to truly get down to my New Year Resolution, and according to the experts, that’s ok!

A psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin says we shouldn’t actually start our resolutions until March 4th. Why? Well, each and every January we know WHAT he want to change, but we don’t really know HOW. So, between Jan. 1st and March 4th, you can work out the details, so that you can truly stick to your resolution.

So what should we focus on between now and March 4th?

1.  Coming up with a plan for what needs to be changed and how you’ll accomplish it.  You might even start incorporating a few of those changes before March 4th, so you’re in a routine by then.

2.  Paying attention to your existing habits.  And becoming more mindful about things you do that may get in the way of your success.

3.  Looking at other obstacles that may be dragging you back toward your old behaviors . . . like people in your life who are not supporting your attempts to change or cupboards that are stuffed with bad foods.

4.  Finding people who can help motivate you.  Like friends who have similar goals, online groups to help keep you accountable, or even a trainer at the gym.


via Fast Company

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